SOmewhere in China: Yunnan

This one of great trip of the Hutchens (Jeff and Peter HUtchens) and Ryan Hill. They visited Yunnan and met some unique population. First, they met ethnic called LISU. Lisu means agriculture (so we directly know what they do). They have a beautiful village with clean green river surrounded by big green hill.

At that time, there was a festival. of course with huge crowd. It was a ver interesting festival. There were many things that we can see and enjoy there (if we have d’ opportunity to get there). The Hutchens saw a Cross Bow competition. It were made by hand. Looks cool and succeed to make them wanted to buy one. They bought 150 yuan for one cross bow.

Sword Stairs in Lisu Festival, Yunnan

Before, they saw an attraction walk on fire (bara api) and in the morning they saw stairs of swords. Some trained man climbed into the stairs that each height about  5 floor building.

Top of it (for me) was when The Hutchens play a kind of swing that made from wood. It’s like BIANGLALA in Dunia Fantasi (Jakarta) – on the left side of picture. I impressed by that game construction. All mad by human hand, very simple and unique.  To play it, we need to sit and run and swing and the other player will do the same thing till all get the turn and after we get the ground, all we need to do are just Run and SwiiiinnngGG..

I think SMART EI should have it. More than One..  🙂


It would be SO MUCH FUN!!!



WOW, after search for more about wood swing, I found that there is another community that have the same game. This community called Akha. Exist in Chiang Rai, one of province in Northern Thailand.

Akha Swing



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