Graduation of The 3rd Generation of SMART Ekselensia Indonesia (Gen3sis)

We call it “WISUDA”.

July 2nd, 2011 was the day that we finally had to let them go. Before that, we had something that will be part of our life.

This annual ceremony never feel the same. Each, has its own story..

and the story was began before the day..


ps: I don’t think I can write well about it, because I’m not a well structured thinker. So, so sorry that I cannot deliver the story in a good way, ‘yah’..


When you have a plan to make a party or celebration or even ceremony, of course before the day there are so many thing that should be set up. It need extra energy to think how it can run well and make all satisfied.

Things that we should prepare were everything that related to the succeess of  this quite big held.

I just realize that that day was the same day with the Dompet Dhuafa ‘annual day’. When I got the information, I suddenly thought wether Mr. Ismail Asaid would came or not..

And while the opening, It was a relief to saw The President of Dompet Dhuafa came. He gave message that these graduation students should prepare to face the real life and had to be tough to face it.

Attended by some  important people, such as Mr. Ismail Asaid as President of Dompet Dhuafa, Mrs. Josephine that represent Chairman of PT. Trakindo Utama, Mr. Firmanzah, Dean of Economic Faculty of University of Indonesia (youngest Dean in Indonesia), etc.

All the name that I mention gave a great speech that not only given to the students but also for all, including me. What they said gave inspiration to make better Indonesia that can compete with other countries.


duh, maaf, belum lancar ni nulis in English, masih belajar sekalii..

kapan2 lanjut lagi ya, insyAllah..

(kalau ada yang bersedia membantu, senang sekali,, n thank u much)


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