Do Pray, Be Ready! “Cos, What Cross in Your Mind Will be Shown to You (come true)”

Friends, this is my English Course task. I’ve been studying English with my fellow teachers since years I’m in SMART EI. Till now, I’m still learning.
For the past year, we’ve been studying with our own friend, English teacher of our school. She is Ms.Lisa Rosaline. She was graduated from Bogor Agriculture Institute, and she’s great in English. It was proved as she approved to be one of the presenter in Asia’s English Teacher Seminar in Seoul, South Korea. Beside that, she had twice became presenter of International English Teacher Organization Training (in Bandung and Bogor).


(Sunday, 18-09-2011)
I sometimes think why something happen to me. In one time I had a chance to be a trainer of National Islamic High School Teacher Training. It was in 2009. Never cross in my mind* that I would get such kind of big opportunity. Then, what should I say except “thank you ALLAH, Alhamdulillah..”

In 2010, there was another big chance for this little creature, myself. One of my fellow teacher (Ms. Nurhayati) told to me, “there was a competition for teacher, you should follow!”. At that time I felt exciting, but then confused what should I make to be in that national teacher competition. Wow! what a challenge and it was like a dream to join scientific competition in my occupation now as a teacher.

Next, I just did it. After struggling -and hiding-, I collected it directly to the LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia) Office at the end of the limit day. Accompanied by the rain with my younger brother on his motorcycle, I just didn’t know what would happen then. The thing I knew is just I should collect it to fulfill my friend’s expectation (that she wanted her fellow teacher follow this competition) and fulfill my aim to be one that ‘ever’ be one of the contestant of any competition. It also to help me feel satisfied to what I’ve done (all the effort and excitement) with my great students.

As I remember, somebody called me when I was in my house. He told me that my project was one of the finalists, after that he asked me come to Bumi Wiyata Hotel, Depok, to follow the next agenda (presentation, etc. Then, all things just follow Allah’s destiny.

This year, 2011, was the year that makes me asked to myself, “What will be the next surprise from Allah?”

I follow no competition , No national teacher training, and may I still get His incredible bless this year?

Hey, and yeah, Alhamdulillah..
This year I got my next bless as my personal achievement. My wish to get out of Java island and stays in other place on earth come true**. I found my self in Papela Village, Rote Island to share about PAIKEM (Active Innovative Creative and Fun Learning) with great teachers there and with my low capacity. 


Back to my question, why all these blessing has been given to me?
I finally realize that It cannot be happen just like that. I believe it’s all because of The Greatnes Allah and His blissful month, Ramadhan.

Suddenly, I remember one time in Ramadhan 2008, as we were in event Breakfasting Together (Buka Puasa Bersama) – LPI DD. That time, the ustadz (Islamic Priest) asked us, “Who wants to get achievement in life?” That moment, my brain said that, “I no longer student, I won’t get any achievement anymore”. And then my heart said contrary, I directly raised my hand, and I prayed inside, “It just Yours, Allah”
I didn’t know how, I just want to raised my hand together with my great students in front of me.

After that, year by year -as in my story-, Allah made me believe, then believe, then still worry and with all hope.. (khauf and raja’)

All things – just to big to me! And then, HAVE YOU WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE??


*It was not a sudden ‘miracle’. Once, I was in public transportation with other passengers. One of them brought a big suitcase. He asked the driver to drop him by in an area. It was LPPPPTK (Teacher Development and Training Institution). We believed that he was from out of town.
After he got of the car, one of passenger told us that the man was going to attend national training. Probably, he was a teacher. Wow! “Would I got that ‘incredible’ chance? Oh, it just far away from me, I am only an ordinary teacher with all my mistakes and weakness.” Suddenly that thought came at glance. After that part of my mind and my heart hope that I Allah would give me a little chance to come to that place – to be invited to join in.. 

**it’s actually my second chance, my first was when I got opportunity to assist Ms. Evi Afifah Hurriyati (national experienced trainer) and Mr. Andi Rahman (Arabic teacher, writer, lecturer) to Rengat, Riau. The training was about Contextual Teaching and Learning. (November 2010)


notes: My English teacher (Ms. Lisa) already read my task. She’s really a kind teacher. She gave me a lot of appreciation, much motivation and big suggestion.
and of course (sure) she made many ‘kind’ corrections.

As you can see, the words with italic format are corrected grammar and spelling.

Thank you so much Ms. Lisa, hope we can share many things in the future. I’m sure you’ll get or even make another BIG CHANCE..

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