Yahoo! Answer: “Can i give my teachers Poison ivy?”

? : Can i give my teachers Poison ivy?
im 13 and in the 8th grade im immune to poison ivy and oak if i carry some befor school can i get it on my body will it infect people with holding the plant

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lillybelle i am and now immune to it i rub it on me every week to make sure

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Tri a
I think by questioning this, it means that you’re understand enough to consider which one is good and which one is not.

thank u..

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well ill probably do something bad at the end of the year you know as a going away present

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1. Lillybelle Lillybel…
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“This is sick. First of all, never assume that you are immune. It is possible to not get it for some years and then have an outbreak at an older age, then seem to be immune again.

The oil on poison ivy can be passed on the fur of a dog to a human. It can be still be active on clothing for a short time. But why in the world you even consider intentionally risk passing it to your family, to kids on your school bus, and friends at school? No one is stupid enough to willingly handle a live poison ivy plant. Leaves of three, let it be. Most likely you would not be able to pass the oil along casually to others but what if you did manage it and someone got it who is allergic and became seriously ill? Knowingly taking a dangerous plant to school is your ticket to serious suspension and trouble.

2. Wise up. Devote that brain to more worthwhile thoughts.”
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former camp counselor and teacher

3. Penguin Kontributor Populer adalah seseorang yang berpengetahuan luas dalam kategori tertentu.
I am sure you can but DON’T!! If you do, I hope you get expelled, not suspended. R

4. Crystal K
I think they’d actually come into contact with the plant. Don’t do that to people though… it’s mean. 😛

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