Yahoo! Answer: “What are things that are very peaceful to you?”

Humayra Haque: What are things that are very peaceful to you?

My teacher said to print out things that are very peaceful. Any ideas?
Tri a.
For me many things can be a peaceful things.
1. Natures, (sky, cloud, sea, mountain view, etc) – could be real or in pictures
2. to see my family gather in home
3. meet my students and see them smile and or see my cheerful students in photos
Other answers:
  • Answerer 2

    I love going for a hike & just sitting in the woods.


    I sit in the woods a lot πŸ™‚
  • Answerer 3

    Bob marley
  • Answerer 4

    well um reading books,listing to music,nature.
  • Answerer 5

    Nature and classical music, cheerful kids playing.
  • Answerer 6

    – The soft, gently rhythm of a beautiful song
    – Listening to the rain, or watching waterfalls… Water in general I find is very peaceful
    – Lying back and/or shutting my eyes and just letting the world drift on past you
    – Contemplating the simple things in life
    – Mediation, and yoga
    – Gardens
    – Writing soliloquies
  • Answerer 7

    Mediation images. Flowers. Peace Signs
  • Answerer 8

    -standing outside, bundled up in layers of clothes, when its snowing, and you can see nothing but white. and cant here anything but your own thoughts. πŸ™‚

    wow i feel at peace just thinking about it.

  • Answerer 9

    things that are peaceful for me is music,singing and watching the rain fall
  • Answerer 10

    To me it’s everyday life πŸ˜€
  • Answerer 11

    Silence within the being of my soul if only I could describe it
    Being in a conservatory when it’s raining
    Not having to get up for anything and staying in bed on a cold dark winter morning when you can hear the wind and rain blowing outside your window from under your warm duvet (one free day off, you thank yourself that the day you got off was a miserably one to be outside in and you are spared that-they are always the best otherwise too many together and you get used to it and it becomes dull)
    Having free time and not having a thing to do, being free to choose
    Having compassion in action
  • Answerer 12

  • Answerer 13

    Music definetly ! And Rain

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