Yahoo! Answer: “How do I tell my teacher to stop praising me?”

Jennifer: “How do I tell my teacher to stop praising me?”

This is a genuine question. In English class, almost everyday without fail, my teacher will praise me and tell me how well written my essays are. All these she does in front of the class. She has never praised anyone else in my class. She would also get everyone else in class to read my essays and she would always tell them, “If you would like to know how to write like a pro, ask Jennifer”.

While those words made me happy initially, it’s gradually making me uncomfortable! I have a feeling that everyone in class hates me because she keeps praising me. They call me the ‘teacher’s pet’ and the truth couldn’t be more opposite! I know my classmates who give me spiteful looks are probably just jealous or annoyed. I mean, if I were them and if the teacher kept praising one student, I’d be jealous too. I’d be extremely annoyed as well. The thing is, I don’t want them to be jealous or annoyed with me. I used to be quite popular before this teacher came and took over the class. But now that she’s taken over, it’s like everyone has stopped talking to me!

I love English class very much but my teacher’s behaviour is slowly making me dread the class. I wish she weren’t so biased with her praises. I know this is a weird question. People normally yearn to be praised. But I feel that this is too much. It makes me uncomfortable. What should I do?



Tri a.

It’s so nice to have such kind ability. It really is a bless that we should be thankful 2 our God, right..??

About your question, I would like to say that I agree with other answerers.
Sometimes, even teacher need to be helped (by his/her students or others) to realize that he/she has made (or ever do) something that is not correct or accidentally he/she do because of some reason (shock, afraid of, forget, exciting/amaze too much (just like in your case))

I would say that it’ll be nice to be remind/have suggestion from the students, it feel like he/she (me also) has friends that care..

Just tell her gently, hopefully she will understand and start to find her other students amazing factors as you are 🙂

thank u Jennifer..
hopefully it can help..

p.s: thank u 4 asking (it remind me how great to have friends like my students here in SMART Ekselensia Indonesia)


just like my experience with my great students. It so nice to have chat with them informally and having them remind or giving me suggestions to increase/fix the quality of our teaching and studying day 🙂

I sometimes post it in
(um, so sorry that I only have several posts that are written in English – since I’m Indonesian and still learning English :))

Other Answers:
  • Dear, you should talk to your teacher in private and tell her about the consequences you have noticed or might happen in future. Praising you in front of the whole class, he/she is causing harm. You must be able to tell the teacher that praising you in front of all the students will demoralize you.
  • You could simply ask her to stop. Tell her it’s causing you problems, if she insists of praising you, a simple “good job” is enough.

    Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you deserve it, take the credit. School drama is unavoidable. Everyone is always out to get someone. Whether it’s being a good student or just being you. It will be rocky at the start but they will get over it. And if they don’t, you will know who your real friends are.

    I experienced the exact same thing since 4th grade (when everyone else were still struggling with spelling and subject and verb agreement). And it followed me to college even outside English subjects, like my Sociology class. The highlight of my friends day is repeating all the compliments I got from my professor about how amazing my essay was, how I presented my ideas, how great of a student I was…blah, blah, blah. The teasing was no longer malicious and I could tell that there was a certain amount of pride with the way they retell it.

  • tell her that you APPRECIATE the fact that she praises you for your hard work, however tell her that you sometimes feel uncomfortable because of your friends etc…that might not do well as much as you. Tell her that you don’t want to make others feel less intelligent or something. Thank her for being so supportive, so that you mention both the good things and the negative things of the teacher so that she won’t feel uncomfortable when you talk to her 🙂 hope it helps! Goodluck!


    im a student teacher

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