Stop Press!! English Club: “‘Gaul’ Bareng Bule” (Tourist Hunting in Bogor Botanical Garden)

Just after one month I had chance to visit Bogor Botanical Garden -with our fellows from Korea Volunteer Program- I got another one..

Again, it was sponsored by my (friend) English teacher, Ms. Lisa Rosaline. She is the team leader of my tour to this garden.

This time, we (me, Ms. Retno, Ms. Lisa, and Ms. RIni) accompanied 20 students (as the member of SMART EI English Club). We were divided into 4 groups. Then reunited into 2 groups (each 2 groups was merge). Me and Ms. Rini and Ms. Lisa with Ms. Retno (ofcourse with our brave students).

Ice cream break time ๐Ÿ™‚

They are:
1. Mr. Redo Febri Yanto (XII-Science)
2. Mr. Dede Junaedi Saputra (XII-Science)
3. Mr. Rizki Idsam Matura (XII-Social)
4. Mr. Ruly Yanta (XII-Social)
5. Mr. Beny Sulistyo Hartadi (X-)
6. Mr. Genta Maulana Mansyur (X-)
7. Mr. Fachri Umar (VIII-B)
8. Mr. Arzaq Tahara Fitwantyo (VIII-A)

9. Mr. Dedi Yudi Rahadi (VIII-A)

10. Mr. Karunia Adiyuda Dilaga (VIII-B)

11. Mr. Fadlillah Mulayana (VIII-A)

12. Mr. Muhammad Fajar (VIII-A)

13. Mr. Muhammad Abdul Basit (VIII-B)

14. Mr. Farhan Aziz (VIII-B)

15. Mr. M. Indra Kajak (VIII-A)

16. Mr. Moh. Andi (VIII-B)

17. Mr. Fatqur Rohman (VIII-B)

18. Mr. M. Reza Alamsyah (VIII-B)

19. Mr. Johan Ferdian Juno Rizkinanda (VIII-A)

20. Mr. Firman Mursal (VIII-A)

The first tourist that we met was going to meet Indonesian Minister of Health. He said, they will talk about ‘Vitamin D’ ๐Ÿ™‚

"Vitamin D, good for your health," Mr. Smith said to us..

Mr. Smith (that is his family name), said that, “You’re lucky being Indonesian student. Your teachers now have lot concern to your future and make you think about many things that I wasn’t thought at your age.” – (insyaAllah..)

Mr. Smith also told to us that he has Indonesian family. His father remarried with Indonesian woman. He was accompanied with his cousin and brother that are Indonesian.

By the way, when Genta asked him to tell a bit about his home town, he said that San Fransisco is the most beautiful side of California that he recommended. Don’t forget (of course)ย  to visit the ‘famous’ Golden Gate! InsyaAllah.. “Please pray for them Sir,” I asked to him. Then he said, “of course”.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


In green ‘large’ beautiful park, the last tourist (but not least*) was a world bank employee. He mentioned Ibu Sri Mulyani as his BOSS (Big one :))..

"Sri Mulyani is my Big BOSS" ๐Ÿ™‚

He is from Finland and has been living in Indonesia for 2 years. At the beginning he used Bahasa Indonesia. Wow, it was quite surprised us!!

His concern is about environment, he said that Indonesian weather are almost the same. Either it is dry or rainy season, it always be WARM.. (He and his family’s skins are so white, I think that makes him feels ‘warm’ all the time :))


Over all, most of tourist we met showed a warm welcome expression, they answered our questions politely.ย  It made us feel like the world is so small, we can be brothers with any one from any where.. aamiin..

Wow, what an experience!!!

It had been so fun to meet many people from around the globe!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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