Hello, My Name is Juno!

If you read this post, you will be know that I’m is the newest author of this Sosial Berkarya;s blog. Yeah, you’ll know about this. But, before I posting my first post (it’s my first post), I will introduce about myself before …

I’m is an SMART Ekselensia Indonesia student who live in dormitory. Everybody call me (in my blog: Kisah Dodol Anak Asrama),”Dormy boy!” I don’t know the meaning of ‘assigned status‘ that belongs to me. In my daily live, I only do my main hobbies, they are : writing on my personal binder for the post I will write on my blog; reciting the holy quran; and thinking about my KISS. KISS or “Karya Ilmiah Siswa SMART” is my biggest project. If I can’t finish my KISS before @January, I can’t go back home. Huhuhu ….

Let’s forget about my problem above. Because I will still blogging with many blogs I have …


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